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Why Flotec is the Best Choice for Your Fluid Power Needs.

What can you expect from an official Gates distributor?

Market leading products, innovation as standard and a bucket-load more!

When Loughborough-based Flotec took the decision to partner with Gates Corporation, the plan was an incredibly strategic one.

Who are Gates Corporation?

Based in Denver, Colorado, Gates Industrial Corporation Plc, is a global leader in power transmission and fluid power products.

The Flotec Vision.

When starting the Flotec business, the vision for Managing Director Julian Davies, was to offer industry a market leading product rather than replace like-for-like worn parts.

From this tactical plan, a collaboration with Gates was born.

The Gates reputation.

Gates products are internationally renowned for being:

  • High quality and durable

  • Innovative and technology leading

  • Customisable and flexible

  • Energy efficient and environmentally sustainable

  • Safe and reliable

Sustainability in Mind.

Gates has pioneered the GTES systemGovernance, Technology, Environment and, Stewardship.

Products are manufactured with sustainability in mind, focussing on energy efficiency, minimising ecological impact, and reducing emissions.

The Science Behind Sustainability.

Gate’s eco-driven material science technology reports total material application, materials of concern and substitution proposal on an on-going basis.

Market Leading Hose.

Something to consider is the market leading qualities of Gates hose products.

International standards for hydraulic hose assemblies state they must pass 200,000 cycles as standard, Flotec partners with Gates because their hoses are tested to 600,000 impulse cycles making the life of the product three times longer than other hoses on the market.

Thinking Safety.

Another reason to choose an official Gates distributor such as Flotec, is the fire safe qualities of the hose product.

As an example, industry standard hydraulic hoses have a working temperature of 100 Degree Celsius whilst Gates ensures to go above and beyond the norm. Buying hoses from Flotec, ensures your hose will withstand temperatures up to 150 Degree Celsius.

When the Going Gets Tuff, the Tuff Gets Going. MegaTuff!

Hose abrasion caused by ballast strikes and other forms of wear and tear can cause premature hose failure. This is where the superior Gates abrasion resistant hose covers come in to play!

MegaTuff has been proven to be over 300x more abrasion resistant than other hose covers on the market whilst the robust and flexible XtraTuff product is 25x more abrasion resistant compared to its competitors.

Innovation as Standard!

When considering the research, development, sustainable and scientific work that goes into every single Gates product, it stands to reason that innovation comes as standard.

As a result of its partnership with Gates, Flotec is forever at the forefront of offering superior products all designed to extend asset lifetime, improve reliability, and reduce costly downtime and associated disruptions.

Rolling Out New Products!

With so much innovation going on, new product launches are inevitable.

One such recent product launch is the Megasys MXG 5k hydro hose, available directly from Flotec Industrial Limited.

Some Features and Benefits of the MXG 5K Hose Include:

  • Application of materials science and processing technology

  • 350 bar working pressure or 5075 psi

  • Exceeds international performance criteria

  • 1,000,000 cycle impulse life exceeds industry standards

  • Force-to-bend is 25% better and OD is 5% smaller than alternatives

  • 20% lighter weight for easier handling and installation

Customer-Centric Solutions, Guaranteed.

Forever on a mission to offer customer-centric solutions, Flotec recommends taking advantage of its self-assembly offering. Flotec can supply a free-on-loan Gates crimper allowing clients to reduce downtime and save cost on emergency mobile call out vans by taking the power of hose self-assembly into their own hands.

Of course, customers need to agree to buy all Gates hoses and fittings directly from Flotec and from then on, they benefit from this unique and value-added service provision.

A Tried, Tested and Trusted Flagship Product.

When it comes to choosing a reliable and trustworthy coolant hose which is diverse in its industrial applications, think no further than the Gates Blue Stripe EPDM flagship product of choice.

Gates Blue Stripe EPDM Coolant Hose Qualities Include:

  • Reliable for over 750,000 miles of engine use – when used with PowerGrip Power Clamps

  • Resistant to electrochemical degradation

  • Leak free seal

  • Resilient to oxygen, ozone, and sunlight degradation

  • Ten times more resistant to water permeation

  • Low raw material costs

Use this coolant hose in conjunction with the Gates PowerGrip Clamp and you are on to a winning leak-free formula!

Fine-Tuning Safety to a Fine Art!

Safety is critical when working with hydraulic fluid.

Flotec, has you covered.

A hydraulic hose burst, or pinhole leak can have potentially devastating effects to both the environment and people.

The high-profile case of firefighter, Ian McDonald losing his harm due to toxic hydraulic fluid penetrating his tissue at high velocity is a harrowing and stark warning of precisely how dangerous working with hydraulics can be.

Line-of-sight needs careful consideration.

Legislation stipulates that any hydraulic machinery where operators are required to work within a one metre line-of-sight of hydraulic hosing, must be protected from potential hose failure.

Important to understand is that both equipment operators and organisations themselves can be held legally accountable if a hose failure occurs.

Costs incurred can include:

  • Direct medical expenses

  • Injured worker wages during recuperation

  • Replacement worker wages

  • Loss of production

  • Management/supervision time

  • Training costs

  • Legal expenses

  • Court costs and fines

  • Insurance premium increase

  • Equipment repair and downtime

  • Environmental clean-up and fines

Flotec can protect you.

Flotec supplies the Gates Lifeguard sleeve. This remarkable product controls hydraulic fluid in a safe manner should a burst or leak happen.

Gates LifeGuard Sleeves provide containment up to 70 MPa bursts and pinhole leaks up to 35,0 MPa. The sleeve complies with ISO 3457 and meets MSHA flame resistance standards.

  • The LifeGuard clamping system allows the fluid to safely escape

  • Provides containment up to 10,000 psi burst or pin hole leak

  • Creates a noticeable spill for hose failure detection

Furthermore, Flotec is fully qualified and well versed in delivering safe hydraulics training, all authorised by Gates Corporation itself.

Upon completion, participants receive an official certificate but more importantly, become fully trained to work with hydraulics in the safest and most effective manner possible.

Trust is a Critical Success Factor.

Critical success factors are things considered to be essential for a business to meet its objectives.

Trust is paramount and Flotec has earned an enviable reputation within the industries it serves and its wider stakeholder groups.

Founded in 1995 and becoming employee-owned in 2021, Flotec’s people have a genuine care for one another and vested interest in the on-going success of the business.

Without its people, Flotec would fail to deliver the goods.

Whilst many organisations vaguely ‘tick the boxes’ of ethical behaviour, Flotec goes above and beyond.

Flotec does more than talk the talk, it walks the walk. This is evidenced by actions not words.

Further bolstered with all necessary accreditations and certifications, Flotec also enjoys stakeholder membership and collaboration with organisations such as the Rail Forum, British Fluid Power Association, and the Federation of Small Businesses.

All of which is transparent and visible for all to see in the public domain.

It is well documented that SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) contribute massively to the UKs economy and are vital throughout the multiple supply chains and sectors within which they operate. Flotec plays its role and is intrinsic in helping organisations reduce critical machine downtime and improve asset efficiency.

There are many reasons to partner with an official Gates distributor and Flotec comfortably demonstrates the benefits of doing so.

Proven, and market leading products, turbo-charged with innovation are all well and good, but Flotec offers something even more special.

Of great importance is Flotec’s ethical culture and approachable human-friendly personality.

To find out more about Flotec, its people, products and services, contact the team on 01509 230 100 or head to the website to fill out an enquiry form.

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