The Flotec Mission

To be a trusted and leading supplier of hydraulic, pneumatic and pipeline products and services to industries which have a need for the Flotec offering.

To be a trusted and leading supplier of reliable hose and engineering solutions to the rail market.



To continuously investigate and find new ways of doing things for the better.

To develop, create and invent unique solutions relevant to the task in hand.

Where appropriate, to apply existing ways of doing things to a new market.

Where appropriate, to modify existing assets to perform better.

Where appropriate, to radically transform and disrupt markets for the better.


Belonging, Empowerment, Ownership and Accountability:

To be a culture of diversity, inclusivity, creativity, innovation, teamwork, and family.

For each person to feel valued, appreciated and belonging to the Flotec culture, its shared mission, and values.

Each person to feel empowered and take ownership and accountability of their work.

To acknowledge, celebrate and reward successes and achievements.



Ethics and Trust:

To be trusted by all stakeholders for operating and behaving in an ethical, honest, and trustworthy manner.

To ensure that all stakeholders conduct themselves in compliance and accordance with Flotec’s core values.

To encourage excellence with all stakeholders and throughout the multiple supply chains within which Flotec operates.



Customer Service:

To offer a solutions-based approach for all customers.

To provide a polite, courteous, professional, and knowledgeable experience.

To focus on service, solutions, and delivery.

To give such an exceptional service that customers keep coming back.




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