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Q Approved Hose Assemblies

Flotec Industrial Limited is an official British Fluid Power Association (BFPA) member and is fully ‘Q’ approved to supply and distribute hose assemblies.


The British Fluid Power Association is the UK’s only authoritative representation for the hydraulics industry, having more than 250 members, consisting of manufacturers, distributors, consultants and more.









Quality Guaranteed.

Through rigorous annual audits and inspections, it is with great pride that Flotec is permitted to display the ‘Q’ approved logo.

This is important because it demonstrates that Flotec assembles hoses to an industry agreed standard and that all supplied hoses are reliable and safe.

As an example, Flotec will never re-end a hose as this can be potentially fatal to life and hazardous to machinery. Flotec will only ever assemble new hoses to ensure a fit-for-purpose and safe product.

Furthermore, Flotec will never mix and match parts and components as parts from one supplier may not be compatible with another’s.

Mixing can be detrimental to hose performance and is completely unacceptable under a set of clearly defined industry regulations.

As an official Gates Distributor, Flotec offers a high-quality product which is tested beyond industry standards.

The Gates MED-HT hose can withstand temperatures of up to 150 Degrees Celsius and is tested to 600,000 impulse cycles rather than the industry required 200,000, making it last three times longer than other hoses on the market.

In fact, the entire Gates portfolio demonstrates a range of robust and innovative characteristics that ensures Flotec will supply a high performing product.

Useful Downloads:

Do NOT Re-End

Do NOT Mix and Match

Ethical Transparency.

Flotec publishes all certifications, accreditations, and policies on this very website. As an ethical service provider, Flotec has a commitment towards corporate social responsibility, equality, diversity, and inclusion, the highest of quality standards and holds all necessary credentials to demonstrate as such.

Flotec is authorised to provide Gates approved Safe Hydraulics training to ensure clients operate to the very best and safest of practices.

To find out more about Flotec’s ‘Q’ approved hose assemblies or to discover more about the Gates product range and safe hydraulics training, contact the Flotec technical support team on 01509 230100. Alternatively, complete and submit the online contact form.

Follow this link to find out more about the British Fluid Power Association.

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