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The Flotec Vision.

To collaborate, innovate and succeed.


The Flotec Mission Statements.


Flotec Industrial Division.

To be a trusted and leading supplier of hydraulic, pneumatic and pipeline products to industry.

Flotec Rail Division.

To be a trusted and leading supplier of reliable hose and engineering solutions to the rail market.


Core Values.



  • To continuously investigate and find new ways of doing things for the better.

  • To develop, create and invent unique solutions relevant to the task in hand.

  • Where appropriate, to apply existing ways of doing things to a new market.

  • Where appropriate, to modify existing assets to perform better.

  • Where appropriate, to radically transform and disrupt markets for the better.



  • To be a culture of equality, diversity, inclusion, creativity, innovation, and teamwork.

  • For each person to feel valued, appreciated and belonging to the Flotec culture, its shared vision, mission statements, and core values.

  • For each person to feel empowered and to take ownership and accountability of their work.

  • To acknowledge, celebrate and reward successes and achievements.

  • Celebrate Difference.



  • To be trusted by all stakeholders for operating and behaving in an ethical, honest, and trustworthy manner.

  • To ensure that all stakeholders conduct themselves in compliance and accordance with Flotec’s core values.

  • To encourage ethical and trustworthy excellence with all stakeholders.



  • To offer a solutions-based approach for all customers.

  • To provide a polite, courteous, professional, and knowledgeable experience.

  • To focus on service, solutions, and delivery.

  • To deliver such an exceptional service that customers keep coming back.

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