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Flotec’s PowerShrink Control Box is a 5kg, 24-volt battery powered portable device, designed to give consistent fitment of the PowerGrip Clamp system.

This revolutionary unit replaces the need for a conventional heat gun, making it perfect for installation engineers looking for a safe installation process that shrinks the Clamps down consistently, every time, removing human error.

With the introduction of the PowerGrip Band Clamp as a leak free solution to rolling stock hoses, Flotec identified a need to design a product which would provide an easy and consistently precise method of installation.

The use of conventional heat guns highlighted an inconsistency of PowerGrip installation and risk of human error during application.

The Powershrink Control Box accurately installs the clamp whilst benefiting from being fully automated.

The portable unit weighs in at just 5kg making it incredibly lightweight in use.

Working off a 24-volt battery, the unit is powerful and fit-for-purpose.

Easy to use, heat bands are attached to two-metre-long colour coded quick release cords. The cords fit snugly into the unit’s box.

The Powershrink Control Box is operated by a series of three buttons with a further three different time mode selections.

The product is supplied with an easy to understand data sheet so that users can simply and quickly identify the correct time mode and heat matt to use for each PowerGrip Band Clamp.

The Powershrink Control Box operates a two-phase application process where the unit firstly pre-heats the PowerGrip clamp where after confirmation of correct positioning, the unit will implement a ‘fixing’ heat to finish the installation process.

Ease of use:

  • The Heat Bands are attached to quick release colour coded cords (2m) that fit into the Unit

  • The Device is easily controlled by 3 buttons and there are 3 time modes. The PowerShrink Control Box comes with a data sheet so that users know which Time Mode and Heat Matt to select for each PowerGrip Clamp

  • There are two phases of the heating process - the box will first “Pre-Heat” the clamps and then commence the “Fix-Heat” just as soon as the PowerGrip position has been checked and confirmed


Ease of use:

  • 250 hours of use before servicing

  • Easy to use

  • Long battery life 

  • Applies heat directly to the clamp only

  • Enables clamp shrinking on limited access applications

  • Shrinks the whole diameter of a PowerGrip clamp

  • Two clamps on one hose application can be heated down at the same time, even if they have different heat times

  • Whilst the device is shrinking down the clamps, you can prepare the next application

  • Comes with a 240 volt charger

Click this link for a more detailed product and specification document about the PowerShrink control box and associated PowerGrip clamps and BlueStripe EPDM rail coolant hose.

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