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Flotec Industrial Limited is an official Gates Hydraulics Distributor and OEM Partner.


As a Gates Hydraulics Distributor, Flotec is able to offer clients world and industry leading engineering products and solutions.














Gates Hydraulics is renowned Globally for its quality, reliability, and ability to endure and withstand the most extreme and challenging of working environments.

Industry never stops and by partnering with Gates, Flotec is committed to ensuring critical downtime is kept to a minimum and that machinery, equipment and assets are all performing to their best and most productive capabilities.

Being an official Gates Hydraulics Distributor allows Flotec to supply a wide variety of hoses for different applications and specifications.

Gates’s hero products include the EPDM Bluestripe coolant hose which when used in conjunction with the innovative PowerGrip band clamps have been tested and proven to be reliable for over 750,000 miles of engine use within the rail rolling stock market.

Collaborating with Gates Hydraulics has enabled Flotec to introduce a range of hydrostatic hoses to industry which are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and have all been tested to 600,000 impulse cycles which makes the lifetime of the hose three times longer than alternative products on the market.

Combining Gates hoses with the MegaCrimp coupling product ensures a leak-free solution while the TuffCoat plating is proven to be 4x more resistant to corrosion.

Next up in the Gates Hydraulics product portfolio is the EXHI high pressure hose which is ideal for extremely high pressures and impulse hydraulic applications up to 420 Bar.

Tested to 1,000,000 impulses as opposed to the industry standard 300,000 and offering many different extreme temperature ranges. This hose range is best used with the Gates Global Spiral Couplings.

The MegaTuff and XtraTuff hose abrasion covers are the perfect addition for maintenance equipment where hoses are frequently exposed to hard working environments and the threat of damage.

MegaTuff is proven to be 300x more abrasion resistant to its rivals whilst XtraTuff covering boasts 25x more resistance.

Flotec also offers a free-on-loan Gates Hydraulics crimping machine which empowers clients to assemble their own hoses.


When purchasing Gates Hydraulics hoses and components directly from Flotec, customers can have access to the crimping machine free-of-charge.

The benefit of self-assembly is the reduction in downtime and cost savings when compared to emergency mobile van charges.

Flotec provides complete training and the Award of certificates for those who successfully complete the course.

In addition, Flotec can offer a consignment stock management system.

Flotec also supplies Gates Lifeguard hose protection sleeves.

Image of an engineer using a Gates crimping machine to crimp a hydraulic hose.
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