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Flotec has developed a consignment stock management system to help clients easily manage their inventory and stock holding.

Flotec's innovative consignment stock management system has been uniquely designed and implemented to provide customers with an efficient way of managing their stock holding of necessary parts and product lines.


Within a dedicated consignment stock agreement, Flotec will guarantee that stock will be available between an agreed minimum and maximum level, and which is stored near to the point of use. 

Customers do not own or pay for the stock until it is used. 














Clients will also benefit from Fotec’s innovative remote stock self-scanning technology allowing each user to easily manage their own inventory.

Staff simply scan the product bar-code on the storage box and enter the required quantity. 


The information is then automatically downloaded to Flotec’s sales order system for processing, and despatch. This is done via the Flotec app on the provided scanning device.

Scanning devices are provided FREE OF CHARGE although if damaged there will be a replacement charge.

Flotec can provide bespoke reporting on data such as usage, spend, quick moving products by part number or product groups.

Terms and conditions apply. Subject to an initial stock order and regular spend.

Flotec also offers a FREE-ON-LOAN Gates self crimping hose assembly machine with full training provided.

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