Abrasion Resistant Rail Hose Covers for Yellow Plant Track Maintenance Machines


Loughborough-based Flotec, a leading supplier of reliable hose and engineering solutions to rail, advises applying its MegaTuff and XtraTuff hose covering innovation to yellow plant track maintenance machines.

Track maintenance (yellow plant) machines and their hydraulic hoses are exposed to frequent abrasion by the very nature of work duties such as clearing trees and track ballast maintenance.

Further complications are caused by hoses rubbing together through compact and heavy working conditions.

Flotec have partnered with Gates to offer the latest EN 45545-2 firesafe hose solution by creating the MegaTuff and XtraTuff branded range of products for yellow plant rail clients with a specific need to reduce failure to machinery and track maintenance assets.

MegaTuff provides a long-lasting solution to hose abrasion due to its innovative cover made from a unique hybrid compound. Additional benefits include resistance to oil, ozone, UV rays, chemicals, and general weathering.

MegaTuff has been proven to be over 300x more abrasion resistant than other hose products on the market thanks to its specially bonded material which makes it resistant to peeling.

The Railtec XtraTuff product is ideal for heavy working conditions requiring hose flexibility and reverse bending capabilities in environments such as track and rail maintenance.

As well as being incredibly robust and flexible, XtraTuff is 25x more abrasion resistant than standard hydraulic hose coverings as per ISO 6954 standards.















Case Study

Flotec were approached by a yellow plant client who were experiencing frequent hose failures on their Plasser RM 900-RT unit specifically located in the trough arms that dig in and lift the track.

This area of the machine was particularly troublesome where hoses were being replaced on average every two weeks due to persistent wear and tear.

By introducing Railtec MegaTuff hose to the machinery, this continual failure was prevented. The solution provided a labour and material saving of £28,000 across a 12-month period.