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Loughborough-based Flotec, a leading supplier of reliable hose and engineering solutions to rail, advises applying the PowerGrip Band Clamp innovation to rolling stock.

Coolant hose failure is a major issue for rail rolling stock operators, resulting in costly down-time.
The PowerGrip Band Clamp is an ideal solution for addressing common hose leaks and has been successfully installed on DMU assets with the full support of Flotec clients, Porterbrook and Angel Trains.

Hose leaks typically occur when temperature changes cause a continuous expansion and contraction of the hoses and their fittings. The existing use of the worm drive clamp (hose clip) do not follow these movements, and so cold start leaks occur.

Traditionally hose clips are tightened on a cold day prior to the train commencing its run. During the heat expansion, the clip will start to cut into the hose. This continual cycle eventually damages the hose, and failures occur.

The development of PowerGrip Band Clamps has solved the issue of cool leaks found with constant dimension and tension clamps.


The Gates PowerGrip Band Clamps expand and contract in harmony with the hose and fitting thus, making it completely leak free.

Another benefit of using PowerGrip Band Clamps include the malleable ability to conform to distorted pipes typically found on existing rolling stock, providing a consistent grip pressure, further bolstered by a wide band which delivers a superior seal.

Additionally, PowerGrip Band Clamps never need re-tightening and as such, are maintenance free once installed. Furthermore, the product is oil resistant.

PowerGrip Band Clamps are environmentally friendly, have an attractive finish and contain no sharp edges.

The product is ideal for rolling stock engine change fitments, where there is guaranteed warranty between overhauls, ensuring fleet efficiency and longer-term cost savings in use.

To assist with the effective installation of PowerGrip Band Clamps, Flotec has designed and introduced the revolutionary Powershrink Control Box to market.

Click this link for a more detailed product and specification document about the PowerShrink control box and associated PowerGrip clamps and BlueStripe EPDM rail coolant hose.

Picture of a PowerGrip clamp.
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