Hydraulic and Pneumatic Solutions for Plant Hire Clients

Supplying various hydraulic and pneumatic products from OEM attachment builds to bespoke kits, Flotec's specialist Plant Hire products include: 

  • Industrial air, water and steam hydraulic hose kits 

  • Compressor and jacking hammer hose assemblies

  • Self-assembly hose packages

  • High quality hose and pipeline fittings

  • PPE to meet the latest safety regulations 

A selection of Flotec's hose and pipeline fittings come with a 2 year warranty, to ensure an efficient, safe and long term OEM replacement part or assembly package. 

Eliminate costly van call out charges on your plant hire machinery.


Flotec can supply you with Gates self-assembly machinery range that will cover all your needs from workshops to mobile services operations and on-site field crimping.

Flotec loan a free Gates self-assembly machine, all you have to do is buy the hoses and fittings to be used for the machine.

Easy to make, and will eliminate the need for expensive emergency hose van charges (which can average at £300-400). With self assembly it can cost as little as £30 in material costs. 

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