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As an official Gates Hydraulics Distributor, Flotec can supply industry with the new, market leading and truly innovative Megasys MXG 5K Hydraulic Hose.


Designed with modern use and application in mind, the Gates Megasys MXG 5K hydraulic hose is incredibly light, flexible, and easy to install.


The Gates MXG 5K hose has been engineered to withstand operating temperatures up to 121ºC and tested with GS couplings to surpass 1 million impulse cycles, exceeding ISO 18752 350DC and SAE 100R13 specs.

Importantly, ISO standards are a series of globally recognised specifications.


MXG 5K hydraulic hoses come with an XtraTuff Plus, an abrasion resistant hose cover that benefits from the Gates materials science technology to provide superior ozone protection and 25x more abrasion resistance than other standard protective hydraulic hose coverings.

Features and Benefits of MXG 5K:

  • Application of materials science and processing technology

  • 350 bar working pressure or 5075 psi

  • Exceeds performance criteria of ISO 18752 350DC, SAE 100R13, EN856 R13, and ISO 3862 R13; sizes -10, -12 and -16 also rated for EN856 4SP

  • 1,000,000 cycle impulse life exceeds industry standards for longevity

  • Compact construction with excellent flexibility and lower force-to-bend for faster and more ergonomic installation (force-to-bend is 25% better and OD is 5% smaller)

  • 20% lighter weight for easier handling and installation

  • Gates XtraTuff Plus cover comes as standard on MXG, providing abrasion and ozone resistance

  • Uses Gates GS GlobalSpiral™ couplings

  • Compatible with Gates Crimpers


MXG 5K Product Specifications:

  • STANDARD: Exceeds all criteria of ISO 18752 350DC; exceeds performance criteria of SAE 100R13, EN856 R13, ISO 3862 R13 (sizes -10, -12 and -16 also exceeds EN856 4SP performance requirements)

  • CONSTRUCTION: Xpiral™ woven spiral construction with four layers of high-tensile steel wire reinforcement; black, oil-resistant, synthetic rubber tube

  • COVER: Black, XtraTuff™ Plus abrasion resistant, ozone resistant, synthetic rubber; smooth cover

  • CERTIFIED: MSHA Flame Resistant

  • TEMPERATURE RANGE: -40ºC to +121ºC


The Gates MXG 5K hydraulic hose has been developed to meet the needs of a range of industrial uses and applications and in particular, those environments where heavy work is required.

Flotec has substantial experience within the agriculturalplant, construction and other heavy-duty industries where the Gates MXG 5K hydraulic hose is a market-leading and proven game changer in improving productivity and efficiency whilst eliminating critical downtime caused by premature fluid leaks and hose failure.

The MXG 5K is a 5000-psi hose which has retained a toughness and strength while managing to get a lot lighter, smaller, and more flexible.

Substantial advancements in Gates’ materials sciences R&D have made this possible.


MXG 5K is 20% lighter than legacy hoses, making it more ergonomic and less strenuous to carry, especially for employees who handle it daily.

It also makes equipment more fuel-efficient and reduces shipping weights – providing cost savings in carriage and transport. 

The Gates patented Xpiral construction delivers an unmatched performance, even under the most demanding and taxing of working conditions.

Download the Gates MXG 5K Hydraulic Hose Technical Brochure.

The new MXG 5K hydraulic hose compliments the additional Gates products available from Flotec, including the PowerGrip ClampsLifeGuard Sleeves, and self-assembly hose crimpers.

Contact Flotec to find out more about its diverse range of hydraulic, fluid power and engineering solutions, specially designed for many heavy-duty and industrial purposes.

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