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As an official Gates distributor, Flotec supplies the Blue Stripe EPDM coolant hose for a wide variety of uses.

Bluestripe works perfectly with the Flotec PowerGrip Band Clamp product range, creating a guaranteed leak free solution.

When used together, Bluestripe hose and PowerGrip Band Clamps have been proven to be reliable for over 750,000 miles of engine use.

A significant benefit of using the Gates Blue Stripe EPDM coolant hose is its resistance to electrochemical degradation which is responsible for destroying standard EPDM hoses from the inside.

Unlike silicone, the Bluestripe EPDM hose has a unique ability to bond with the stem which provides additional benefits towards a leak free seal.

Further Bluestripe EPDM qualities include a high resilience to oxygen, ozone, and sunlight which substantially reduces degradation of the material.

The Gates Bluestripe EPDM hose has been proven to be ten times more resistant to water permeation than silicone hoses.


The significance of this being an elimination of engine coolant water vs ethanol glycol imbalances thus, maintaining a more efficient system.

Blue Stripe EPDM coolant hose raw material costs are significantly lower than those of traditional silicone hoses. 

The combination of Bluestripe EPDM hose and PowerGrip Band Clamps is ideal as the clamp is malleable, which means it expands and contracts with temperature changes.

Click this link for a more detailed product and specification document about the PowerShrink control box and associated PowerGrip clamps and BlueStripe EPDM rail coolant hose.

Picture of the Bluestripe EPDM coolant hose.
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