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Making your own hydraulic hose is simple, and eliminates the need for expensive hose van charges. Flotec provides the machinery, equipment and training to help you make your own hydraulic hoses.

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Flotec's Gates self-assembly machinery portfolio covers a large range of hydraulic hose needs from workshops to mobile service operations and on-site field crimping.

Flotec can loan a Gates self-assembly machine for FREE - all clients have to do is buy the hoses and fittings to be used with the machine*. ​


The Service Offering:


Free site survey to provide a relevant stock package to cover machine requirements

Yearly service and calibration from Flotec's site engineers

Binning and stocking service

Cutting equipment

Multiple packages for multi-site use



Free Crimper training and certification for client's operators

Safe hydraulics courses available

Easy-to-make, factory standard hose assemblies

Gates hoses last up to 3x longer

Comprehensive, fully tested crimp data

24/7 availability - no call out charges or delays

Proven cost savings - return capital expenditure within months

Low maintenance grease-free machinery

Self-Assembly of Hydraulic Hoses and Couplings made simple.

The self-assembly machines are easy to use with fast, comfortable handling

All machines are custom-designed to work with a range of Gates hoses and couplings

Factory-quality assemblies, fully compliant with stringent international standards

Picture of an MCX 20 Gates crimper.

MCX 20

Powerful, lightweight, portable hand-operated crimper, ideal for field service operations. Comes with separated box, designed to contain complete set of dies. Crimps no-skive GlobalSpiral couplings up to 1” and no-skive MegaCrimp® couplings for wire-braid hose up to 1.1/4”.

Picture of an MCX 30 Gates crimping machine.

MCX 30

Compact, operator-friendly machine to crimp the complete Gates range up to 1.1/4”. Equipped with a die set storage rack allowing for logically organised die storage within easy reach of the operator, thus speeding up die selection and assembly. Also available for mobile service with separate DC power pack

The portable field service crimping devices come with detachable die storage case, solid and durable handles and resistant rubber protection layers. Their ergonomic design contributes to higher productivity figures and fast approval by local Health and Safety Executives.

The Flotec Gates Crimper Objective:

To provide a more reliable value-added service provision and fit-for-purpose product offering compared to emergency mobile van hose replacement services.

Issues with mobile van service providers:

Mobile van hose replacement services will fit what they have in stock which is not always to the highest specification or suitable for all applications. Mobile van services are costly in terms of their call out charges and amount of time to attend site where Flotec recommends a self-assembly solution.

The Flotec Consignment Stock Management System:

Flotec has developed a consignment stock management system to help clients easily manage their inventory and stock holding.


CALL 01509 230 100 TO ENQUIRE NOW

Watch the Gates Crimper Training Video: 














Superior products, manufactured to the stringent tolerances.

Our global hoses and couplings are manufactured to rigorous tolerances, making sure that they perform to such a high standard they’ll work safely for a longer time. Benefit from less downtime.

Advanced self-assembly machines and dies, rigorously validated.

Our self-assembly machines make it quick and easy for you to produce the hose and coupling combinations you need. Gates dies have a special proprietary profile design that creates an almost perfectly cylindrical and durable crimp. We test and validate them at our factory so you can be sure they’ll work time after time in your workshop.


Increase the efficiency in your workshops.

Optimal crimp data, derived from meticulous testing Each Gates crimper comes with validated crimp settings data for the complete global hose and coupling product range. So there’s no need for time consuming trial-and-error to find the ideal settings!


Gain fast and easy access to crimping instructions and crimp diameters via or the eCrimp app.

Set crimpers with the greatest of ease. Factory-quality performance above and beyond international standards All this put together ensures the quality, performance and reliability that Gates is known for. When Gates hose and couplings are crimped in accordance with the Gates Integrated System, they yield factory-quality assemblies fully compliant to European Directives and legislation exceeding all international standards.


Gates global wire-braid hose and MegaCrimp™ coupling assemblies are developed to withstand more than 3 times international standards.


Gates spiral wire hose and GlobalSpiral coupling assemblies will work beyond a million impulse cycles. Trust Gates’ exceptional performance and reliability.




*Terms and conditions apply. Subject to an initial stock order and regular spend. Service/calibration charges apply - please call 01509 230100 for more information.

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