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The Flotec Rail Division offers a series of spare hose packs for emergency hose replacement.


Ideal for when reducing critical downtime is essential and there is no time to wait for a call out. 

The Flotec spares solution is cost-effective and time-saving.


By having a spare pack on site, the OTM machine operators can avoid the hassle and expense of calling out a mobile van service.


They can also reduce the risk of incurring fines for blocking or delaying the railway lines.


The packs contain all necessary hosing, couplings and components for rapid replacement. 


The Flotec Rail Division can offer a complete training programme to on-site engineers.













































View the spare pack brochure.

The Flotec engineering team also supports yellow plant and on-track maintenance clients with on-site hose overhaul services, upgrading to Gates hose and couplings as well as fitting abrasion resistant hose covers.


Contact Flotec on +44 (0) 1509 230100 to find out more. Alternatively, fill out the online enquiry form.

Picture of the spare hose kit.
Picture of the spare hose kit.
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