Rail hose solutions to keep your rolling stock moving.

The Flotec Package

On-site visits to assess rolling stock hose requirements.

Working in collaboration with customer engineers to understand existing installation history.

Expert advice on ways to improve and optimise your coolant system.

 Hose assemblies made bespoke to application requirements.

Frequent Causes to Rolling Stock Engine Failure: 

  • Poor routing and support, leading to premature hose failure


  • Prolonged maintenance times through spiral banding

  • Frequent oil leaks

  • Ballast strikes

  • Introduction of incorrect spec hose via mobile van operations



of material and weight to provide a more effective installation.


IMPROVED ROUTING: Routing lifted higher to avoid ballast strikes.

REDUCED REQUIREMENTS OF SPIRALGUARD: Through more efficient clipping and clamping.



The following phases come as standard as part of Flotec’s specialist support service.

These are free of charge, to ensure the long-term reliability and sustainability of the installation.

Phase 1

The old install is reviewed and

the specification of each hose assembly is gathered from sampling or drawings. This is to ascertain details of union connections and hose type which form the installation kit.

Phase 2

Customer engineers are met with to decide correct hose spec required. Every hose application, working conditions, system pressures, media, etc. are discussed.

The current installation is reviewed during a days access to the unit. Ways to improve and optimise the routing of each assembly and pipe support / brackets are evaluated. This is always done with a customer engineer to understand existing installation, history and accessible pipe support bracket points.

Information of parts required and fabrications to be produced are collated to provide a trial fit.

Phase 3

The optimised solution is fitted to an installed unit.

In the event any adjustments are required, the unit would either be restored to it’s
original state or run with minor adjustments to be completed.

Phase 4

Complete the installation with optimised solution from start to finish.

Included in our service:

  • Drawings & spreadsheets of materials used

  • Video recording for training purposes

  • Complete torque tool kit with torque settings for additional support


Flotec provide application upgrades by utilising Gates Hydraulic’s premium brand products.

Gates hydraulic hoses are used on some of the most demanding equipment in the world. From low-pressure to ultra-high pressure hoses, they offer efficient, long lasting service lives for maximum cost savings. A Gates hose - regardless of origin - always meets or exceeds the strictest industry standards. These superior products guarantee a more effective and reliable installation.




The robust “bite-the-wire” design of MegaCrimp ensures an optimum cylindrical crimping force is applied.

Only the outside shell of MegaCrimp takes on the shape

of the dies, the inside stays round - like the hose.


The innovative TuffCoat plating technique

gives 4x more corrosion resistance.


Standard hydraulic hose does not stand up long-term to the arduous applications experienced on engine bay rolling stock, particularly due to excessive ambient temperatures.

Flotec enhanced the installation using the MED-HT 2-Wire Braid Extreme Heat
Hose - a superior product, proven to stand up to tough conditions and offer extended service life.


Porterbrook Class 158


The hydrostatic interface of the Porterbrook class 158 engine had routing and support issues which often led to premature hose failure and increased downtime. The long lengths of hoses and lack of support in the routing caused the hoses to sag, meaning there was potential for strikes against ballast and animals when the rolling stock was in operation.

The hoses also suffered frequent oil leaks which required costly maintenance to fix. The spiral banding of the hoses further prolonged maintenance times, as Fleet Engineers needed to unwrap the banding to find the leaks.

Flotec Solution

To optimise the 158 installation, Flotec conducted the following engineering support:

Improved routing and shortened hose lengths – the original installation had all of the hoses connected to a manifold block. By looping the hoses into the drain system instead, Flotec were able to reduce their material and weight to provide a more effective installation.

The routing was lifted higher up to help avoid hose strikes.

Hoses were debundled and the requirements of spiral  guard was reduced through more efficient clipping and clamping.



Porterbrook were thoroughly satisfied with the results of the hydrostatic installation and incorporated Flotec’s recommendations into their C4 maintenance programme. The result of the trial now ensures that on all future 158 C4 exam works, our product can be fitted with confidence.

“After demonstrating their capabilities through the extremely successful Turbostar hydrostatic hose optimisation, Porterbrook enlisted Flotec’s engineering services in addressing the hydrostatic system leaks on our Class 158 units. The system leaks from the present hose and seal interfaces were causing notable reliability issues and a high quality solution was required. Working very closely with ASR and Porterbrook, Flotec produced an optimisation process and framework in developing and ultimately implementing a successful resolution - this addressed areas such as evaluation of current installation, customer feedback and intelligence on developing solution, vehicle surveys for measurement/routing/security and trial fitting of the specified kit.

All through the process, Flotec worked tirelessly to promptly develop the required solution, encompassing the proven Gates hose and Floring seal technology with the routing with clipping and bracket solutions providing the high level medium for optimum performance. The level of engineering, product and after sales support was excellent throughout the development, trial and fleet ft installation phases, responding quickly to customer needs and going the extra mile to deliver satisfaction. Flotec’s service included specifying and cataloguing a comprehensive toolkit for the full installation and supporting the customer in compiling a full installation instruction, whilst providing a full warranty on the kit material for the duration of the Heavy Maintenance interventions where it was installed. Porterbrook were delighted at the developed Flotec solution in meeting both our and ASR’s pressing requirement and would have no hesitation in recommending them as a high quality and customer focused supplier.” 

Neil Anderson, Fleet Engineer, Porterbrook Leasing

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