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Flotec’s Rail Hose Management Programme offers
on-site hose condition reports, recommendations for product and installation improvements, and 
an on-site hose replacement and fitting service.


The Flotec Rail Hose Management Programme sees the engineering team visit various train fleet assets to examine and report on areas of concern, including:

  • Hose damage

  • Hose abrasion

  • Hose pressure

  • Incorrect routing

  • Excessive wear


Once the area of damage has been identified, Flotec will develop an effective engineering solution. This involves replacing the faulty hoses and correctly routing them to increase hose route efficiency, increase performance and prevent hose failures on essential performance parts.

Flotec has specific knowledge in hydrostatic and coolant hoses, abrasion resistant hose coverings, clamping and coupling as well as variable pitch fan train engine control, rail fleet battery charging and spare kit supply. The Flotec Rail Division ethos is to design bespoke engineering solutions to solve genuine issues than merely supply like-for-like replacement worn parts.

Picture of a Flotec engineer working on the hydraulic and coolant hoses of a train.
Picture of a Flotec engineer working on the hydraulic and coolant hoses of a train.
Picture of a mix of Gates hoses.

Utilising the Gates MegaTuff, Flotec are able to provide a long-lasting solution to hose abrasion.


The innovative MegaTuff cover, made of a specialist hybrid compound, makes the hose not only exceptionally resistant to abrasion, but oil, ozone, UV rays, chemicals and weathering.

Once the programme is complete, fully trained site engineers issue reports on hose assemblies to offer a preventative, proactive service for the maintenance, repair and replacement of hoses, assemblies, oils and lubricants.

Flotec also provide further assistance in future planned maintenance activities in order to deliver a long-lasting rail hose maintenance strategy. For example, Flotec offers fully pre-assembled hose kits for quick and easy installation. This, along with safe hydraulics training, provides a significant decrease in maintenance, repair and overhaul costs.

Picture of hoses before a Flotec overhaul.


Picture of improved hose routing after a Flotec overhaul.


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