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As an official Gates Hydraulics Distributor, Flotec can supply a range of market leading, high quality hydraulic hoses and couplings for a wide variety of applications and uses.


The Gates MED-HT hose can withstand temperatures of up to 150 Degree Celsius, making it a far more robust, fire safe and reliable product.


International standards for hydraulic hose assemblies state they must pass 200,000 cycles as standard, Gates hoses are tested to 600,000 impulse cycles making the life of the product three times longer than other hose products on the market.

Gates MegaCrimp uses a patented coupling innovation which can guarantee a leak-free solution.

The MegaCrimp coupling solution uses a unique tooth profile which ‘bites’ into the wire to remain inserted during the crimping process whilst providing superior coupling retention.

Within the MegaCrimp is a remarkable ‘C-insert’ component ensuring the connection stays round to the shape of the hose, eliminating the issue of the ‘polygon’ effect which is known to contribute to leak paths.

Combining these features with the Gates TuffCoat plating application helps to provide 4x more resistance to corrosion.


View the complete Flotec Gates hydraulic hose brochure.


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