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Gates PowerGrip Clamps

As an official Gates distributor, Flotec stocks and supplies PowerGrip clamps which are used to clamp coolant hoses and are ideal for vehicle use.


Gates PowerGrip is a polymeric clamp, designed to prevent leakage after fitting.


As temperatures fluctuate, PowerGrip clamps expand and contract which means they never need to be re-tightened and provide a leak free solution.


As the temperature of the application changes, the clamp expands and contracts with the hose, making it completely resistant to leaks.

Cold fluid leaks are quite common in automotive applications and the PowerGrip clamp is effective in eliminating this frequent failure.

Easy to install by the use of a heating gun, Flotec has also designed and manufactured a PowerShrink Control Box which simplifies the fitting process. Flotec's flagship hose product is the BlueStripe EPDM coolant hose which Flotec currently installs to rail rolling stock but is versatile and can be used for many different applications.

Picture of a car and the PowerGrip band clamp.
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