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Flotec Industrial Limited provides a wide range of products, thanks to its procurement team's buying power and access to a diverse supplier portfolio.


As well as being an official Gates hydraulics distributor, Flotec additional industrial items such as PPE, tools and equipment.

Flotec also stocks and supplies a range of oils, automation equipment, ABS/PVC fittings for water treatment, couplings and valves.

Additional items include spill kits. Further bolstering its traditional hosing product, Flotec offers hose fire protection and LifeGuard hose sleeves.

Flotec offers a free-on-loan hose crimping machine under terms and conditions, which helps reduce critical downtime and save on expansive costs of emergency mobile van call outs.

To make an enquiry, fill out the contact form or telephone the Flotec team on 01509 230100.

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