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Flotec services all hose, pipeline, hydraulic and pneumatic requirements for many clients within the agriculture industry. 

Flotec supplies a wide range of products, from small OEM attachment builds, trade counter hose identification, assembly and replacement parts, irrigation products, personal protective equipment and self-assembly hose set ups. 

Flotec is ideally located to serve the local agriculture industry and has a trade counter which is operated by a fully experienced team of engineers, able to assist, support and offer advice for the local agricultural community from farming engineers through to machine operators and tractor hire companies.

​Agriculture clients will benefit from making their own hoses rather than rely on timely and costly mobile van, the value-added being reduced cost and reduced downtime.

Flotec offers a FREE-ON-LOAN Gates crimping machine and all necessary training. 

Flotec supplies hydraulic, pneumatic and pipeline products to agricultural companies..
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