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Hose Protection Fire Sleeves

Protect industrial hoses from extreme temperatures!


The red oxide silicone coated glass protective sleeve is an effective application in mining, 
petrochemical process, aerospace and steel works settings.

The protective sleeve is easily installed whilst assembling a hose or can also be retro-fitted during maintenance and repair activities. 


In addition to protecting critical equipment in harsh environmental conditions, the sleeve also mitigates health and safety risks by eliminating temperature extreme hazards so that scorching and burning injuries are avoided.

Key Features:

• Continuous protection at 260°C ambient temperatures
• Withstands molten metal splash at 1200°C
• UL94 flammability V-0
• Worker safety protection against lines that carry hot or volatile fluids
• Resistant to tears and abrasion
• Highly flexible and easily fitted
• MSHA approved
• RoHS 3 compliant


To find out more, call Flotec on +44 (0) 1509 230100 or submit an online enquiry.

View the online Flotec hose protection fire sleeve literature.

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