Rail Fleet Battery Charging Units

The Flotec Rail Division has introduced to market a series of rail fleet battery charging units, suitable for different applications.

















Battery charger for use on a wide range of battery sets for passenger and freight locomotives and carriages

Mobile and wall mount options available

Suitable for maintaining battery sets for starters and auxiliary systems

Selector switch for either wet or gel type batteries

Selector switch for different output currents

Digital meters

Indicator beacon

Standard panel mount AC input connector

Heavy duty DC output connector

Safety features built in

The Flotec Rail Division has established a stock holding facility of all necessary components to manufacture a series of new battery charging units to supersede the older Prepair models which are beyond repair.


This service supports both existing and new train fleets.


A dedicated workshop area has been set up within the companies manufacturing plant to offer an efficient and timely service for existing Prepair units which are repairable, using competitively priced OEM components.

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