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Gates Lifeguard Sleeves

As an official Gates distributor, Flotec can supply
Gates LifeGuard Sleeves, used as a hose guard to protect operators, equipment and the environment.


Gates LifeGuard Sleeves provide containment up to 70 MPa bursts and pinhole leaks up to 35,0 MPa. Correlates to ISO 3457 and meets MSHA flame resistance.

  • The LifeGuard clamping system allows the fluid to safely escape down the length of the assembly.

  • Provides containment up to 10,000 psi burst or pin hole leak.

  • Creates a noticeable spill for hose failure detection.

To find out more, call Flotec on +44 (0) 1509 230100 or submit an online enquiry.

Picture of a Gates LifeGuard sleeve.
Picture of a Gates LifeGuard sleeve.
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