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Flotec becomes disability confident committed.

Loughborough-based Flotec, a leading supplier of hydraulic, pneumatic and pipeline products to industry, begins a journey towards disability confident leadership.

Flotec has joined the Government’s disability confident employer scheme, successfully passing part one of a three stage process by becoming disability confident committed.

The scheme exists to create a movement of change and to encourage employers to think differently about disability and to act on how they recruit, retain, and develop disabled people.

Having completed stage one of becoming committed to disability, Flotec is now able to progress to stage two of being a disability confident employer before working towards the final stage of earning the stripes of a disability confident leader.

Barry Michael Aldridge – Head of Marketing for Flotec Industrial Limited explains the reasons for the shift towards becoming disability confident; “I have long been a believer in diversity and inclusion and the benefits this brings to organisations in so many ways.
People who know me well, realise how much I believe that commercial objectives can perfectly align with ethical conduct.
Joining the disability confident scheme is a natural progression for Flotec and compliments its employee-owned status and recently published core values with one statement being to be a culture of diversity, inclusivity, creativity, innovation, teamwork, and family.”

Flotec is awarded a Government run Disability Confident Committed certificate.

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