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Updated: Apr 17

Loughborough-based Flotec, a leading supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic solutions to industry, is supporting mental wellbeing for its staff.

The global pandemic has brought the subject of mental wellbeing to the forefront of most people’s minds.

A great many of us have struggled with uncertainty, anxiousness, isolation and adjusting to working from home whilst balancing family commitments.

The list of negative effects the pandemic has had on general mental wellbeing is gargantuan with each individual suffering in different ways.

The HSE reports that during 2019/20 828,000 UK workers suffered from work-related stress which resulted in 17.9 million working days lost due to work-related stress, depression, or anxiety. *

Not only does mental wellbeing effect an individual’s personal life, failing to address the issue has a negative impact on workplace productivity, output, and the UK’s economy.

Obviously, being aware of mental wellbeing in the workplace was of importance prior to the pandemic but has become even more prevalent in recent months.

Committed to the safety and protection of its employees, Loughborough-based Flotec has been proactive in addressing this important subject.

Flotec’s very own Chloe Lofthouse and Sophie Wright took it upon themselves to obtain official training to act as company custodians of employee mental health.

On 9th July 2021, the duo undertook a FAQ Level 2 Award in Mental Health and have been successful in earning the stripes of ‘Mental Health Workplace Responder’s’.

The course was developed and delivered by St John Ambulance and is ofqual regulated.

Chloe comments: “Sophie and I were keen to address the challenge of recognising and addressing mental wellbeing in the workplace and brought up the idea of undertaking official training in a personal development review.”

Sophie summarises: “The course was really interesting, and we both learned so much. Of course, the objective was to be able to offer support to our colleagues, which we can now provide.”

Having recently become an Employee-Owned Trust (EOT), this training and development cements the company’s belief in protecting and supporting its team.

From Left To Right: Chloe Lofthouse and Sophie Wright of Flotec Industrial Limited

Further advice and support can be found on the following links:

To find out more about Flotec’s industrial product range, call the team on +44 (0) 1509 230 100 or email

Alternatively, head to and submit an online enquiry.


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