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Supporting the ‘Choose Q for Quality’ Campaign

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

UK Loughborough-based Flotec, a leading supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic solutions to industry, highlights the importance of maintaining superior hydraulic working practices during troublesome economic climates.

When considering hydraulic applications used in a wide variety of industrious environments, such as transport, construction, manufacturing and heavy machinery, it is prudent to ensure best practice is maintained even when faced with troublesome economic climates.

19th October 2020 witnessed the BFPA (British Fluid Power Association) launch the ‘Choose Q for Quality’ campaign, highlighting the necessity to maintain the highest of standards when manufacturing, distributing, or fitting hydraulic hoses and all associated components.

Nigel explains the potentially catastrophic health and safety implications of doing so, such as loss of life or life changing injuries.

The safety and wellbeing of people is paramount where ‘re-ending’ on-site plant or vehicle hydraulic hoses may result in a dangerous high-pressure expulsion of hot fluid, capable of penetrating protective clothing at a speed like that of a bullet.

Thomason also points out the costly down-time effects that ‘re-ending’ hoses can cause to a business.

What may at first appear to be a quick monetary win can ultimately result in a far more financially detrimental affair.

As a full member, Flotec meets the substantially strict criteria to carry BFPA’s ‘Q’ mark, a sign of guaranteed quality. Flotec will never practice hydraulic hose ‘re-ending’.

Equally important is that Flotec does not advise or practice ‘mixing and matching’ hydraulic hoses and fittings as this is an incredibly risky procedure due to the difference in tolerances between manufacturers. Flotec has partnered with Gates to ensure a safe, reliable, and robust product is supplied to market.

As a value added service provision, Flotec offers hydraulic safety training courses to its customers.

Maria Smith of Loughborough-based Flotec, conducts a thorough hydraulic hose examination to ensure that the highest of standards have safely been carried out.

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