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On Track with Maintenance Machines.

With the UK rail network equating to around 31,251 kilometres of track (and counting), the yellow plant machines responsible for maintaining them play an incredibly important role towards making our railways safe and efficient.

Choo Choo! I am a train!

Colas Rail Plasser & Theurer 08-16/4x4C100-RT Tamper No. DR73919 stands at a snow covered yard. Ely, Cambridgeshire UK.

Preventing maintenance machinery downtime is critical in minimising service disruption and Flotec has a variety of products competent in doing just that.

Flotec’s Engineering Director, Ryan Hickman, talks through the Flotec product portfolio;

“The hydraulic hoses on yellow plant track maintenance machines are exposed to frequent abrasion.

Abrasion can result in hose failure which renders the machine inoperable, causing costly downtime and disruption.

Flotec offers a series of solutions to minimise the risk of this happening. As an official Gates distributor, we can supply and fit abrasion resistant hose coverings to protect the hoses from everyday wear and tear.

The Gates XtraTuff hose covering is perfect for track maintenance machines where flexibility and reverse bending capabilities are required. Furthermore, the XtraTuff cover has been tested and proven to be twenty-five times more abrasion resistant compared to other alternatives.

Flotec has also developed a spare hose pack solution. These packs are stored on the yellow plant machine itself and if a hose fails, on-site personnel can replace it there and then.

This reduces the cost and waiting time associated with call out vans and importantly, the hoses are fire safe approved and manufactured to rail industry standards.

Flotec also offers a self-assembly solution with many of our clients benefitting from making their own hoses.

Flotec’s ethos is to reduce downtime and increase asset efficiency and the products developed for our track maintenance customers are effective in doing this.”

Ryan of de Hickman

Ryan Hickman - Engineering Director for Flotec Industrial Limited

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