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On a roll with staff training!

At Flotec, we are all about staff development and training!

From left to right: Steve Bethell, Mark Severn and Chloe Smith.

Flotec Industrial Limited is always proud and delighted to share employee success stories and this week is no different!

When Flotec trio, Steve Bethell, Mark Severn and Chloe Smith displayed an interest in learning more about the Gates self-assembly service, a dedicated course was designed and implemented to do just that!

Flotec sales director Richard Hodgkinson delivered a comprehensive training session using an MC 5001 crimping machine.

After successfully completing the course, Steve, Mark and Chloe were competent and qualified in assembling their own hydraulic hoses.

Flotec offers a FREE* on-loan crimping machine, enabling customers to complete their own self-assemblies. This service provision reduces critical downtime and eliminates the need to rely on costly emergency mobile van call out charges.

As part of the offer, Flotec provides all necessary training which meets the official requirements of Gates Fluid Power Limited.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

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