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Mental wellbeing and an act of kindness in the digital age.

Updated: Apr 18

And so, it was at 19.16 pm on Tuesday evening, 16th of April 2024 that some random stranger from some random place in the world reached out to Flotec via the online contact form.

Sceptical at first as to whether some mischievous ‘bot’ had infiltrated the CAPTCHA security, upon further investigation, the message appeared to be genuine, useful and dare it be said, caring.

“Hello, I was reading your page and found a broken link referring to the 'work-related stress statistics' report.
It looks like the document no longer exists, and after browsing for a while, I was able to find the same report in PDF format.
Maybe you could update the link on your page to help other users.”

The article in question? A feature written on the 16th of July 2021!

To be more precise, a piece of writing celebrating Flotec’s very own Chloe Lofthouse and Sophie Wright for successfully completing a FAQ Level 2 Award in Mental Health, conducted by St John Ambulance.

Two young women displaying official certificates from a recently completed training cours, both looking incredibly proud and cheerful.

From Left to Right: Chloe Lofthouse and Sophie Wright displaying their FutureQuals certificates in July 2021.

The sender of this message had read the article, discovered a broken link, taken time to search for a revised version and recommended updating the Flotec webpage.

Making necessary checks for malicious content, the proposed link was secure, official, and legitimate.

The broken link was dutifully updated so to, as suggested, help other users.

With mental wellbeing rightly continuing to be at the forefront of so many people’s thoughts, this person appeared to display genuine concern that if others were to come across a post written just shy of four years ago, that they should be directed to up-to-date information regarding an incredibly poignant and meaningful subject.

The pandemic may seem a lifetime ago now, but the world was probably not prepared or understanding of the negative impacts that a global virus such as COVID-19 would have on the mental wellbeing of so many people, worldwide.

This story proves precisely how powerful and far-reaching online content creation can be, whilst highlighting the importance of supporting mental health.

In a digitally connected world filled to the rafters with spam, bots, malware, ‘bad’ actors, deep fakes, dissemination and fraudulent intentions, this case demonstrates that there is a force for good to be found online and that digital platforms themselves, can encourage positivity and offer support to those in need.

Worth thinking about is how Flotec’s Chloe Lofthouse and Sophie Wright took it upon themselves to undertake training, because they personally felt that it was incredibly important to support the mental wellbeing of their colleagues.

So, some four years after their initial St John Ambulance training, let’s re-read the original article (link below) and take some time to reflect upon the great work these two have achieved.

Congratulations Chloe and Sophie, continue to keep up the good work!

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