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Investigating Flotec’s Core Values. Part Three: Ethics and Trust.

Founded in 1995 and having recently become an employee-owned trust, Loughborough-based Flotec is a leading supplier of hydraulic, pneumatic and pipeline products.

Investigating Flotec’s Core Values. Part Three: Ethics and Trust.

Flotec provides its products and services to a wide range of industries including rail, automotive, agriculture, pharmaceutical, power, plant, waste, and general manufacturing.

This series is delving deeper into each of the Flotec core values, how they define the businesses strategy and its ongoing trajectory.

The Third Flotec Core Value: Ethics and Trust.

Statement One:

“To be trusted by all stakeholders for operating and behaving in an ethical, honest, and trustworthy manner.”

Flotec further bolsters its commitment to ethics and trust with the following two statements:

  • To ensure that all stakeholders conduct themselves in compliance and accordance with Flotec’s core values.

  • To encourage excellence with all stakeholders and throughout the multiple supply chains within which Flotec operates.

Stakeholders’ gets mentioned in each of the three statements in this core value. So, before we proceed, it is worth analysing further the meaning of this word.

One definition is that stakeholders are a party who can either affect or be affected by a business.

Admittedly, the official definition does little to clarify the meaning. In short, stakeholders are people.

Stakeholders typically take the form of investors, employees, suppliers, and customers.

More and more, we are seeing stakeholders taking shape as people living in the local community of where a business operates and have a vested interest in how this company affects their immediate society, environment, and surroundings.

Investigating Flotec’s Core Values. Part Three: Ethics and Trust.

When inspecting Flotec’s Corporate Social Responsibility – Duty of Care publication, ethics and trust are raised in the following categories:

  • Quality

  • Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking

  • Safeguarding

  • Environment

  • Supply Chain

  • Anti-Bribery

Let’s take a quick look at a few of these bullet points:


Flotec is ISO certified to the very latest 9001 : 2015 standards for quality.


Flotec’s purpose built 12,000 square foot manufacturing plant is powered by solar panelled roofing and the company has stringent practices regarding its manufacturing processes and materials handling.

Supply Chain.

Flotec considers the supply chain as being a critical success factor in adhering to its ethical values and is strict as to who it engages with.

“Flotec is committed to supplying its clients with a superior and fit-for-purpose product.

The supply of quality and robust products must not come as a detriment to Flotec’s obligations to its ethical commitments.

Suppliers are audited to ensure compliance with all policies and procedures as set out in Flotec’s documentation.”

As an official Gates distributor, Flotec has intentionally aligned itself with a global market-leader and supplier that abides by its very own core values.

Gates Corporation operates from its bespoke GTES system, defined by the principles of Governance, Technology, Environment and Stewardship.

Investigating Flotec’s Core Values. Part Three: Ethics and Trust.

Accreditation and Certification.

Flotec Industrial Limited holds the following accreditations and certifications:

Membership and Chartered Signatory.

Flotec Industrial Limited holds the following memberships and chartered signatories:


To find out more about Flotec’s complete product range, service offerings and how they can benefit your industrial applications, call the team on 01509 230 100 or visit

Make sure to keep an eye out for the final part of this series, where we will be examining Flotec’s commitment towards customer service.

Flotec Industrial Limited

Unit 8, Pavilion Way, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 5GW

Tel: 01509 230 100

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