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Flotec launches a new market leading ‘own-brand’ product to the UK rail sector.

Loughborough-based Flotec, a trusted and leading supplier of reliable hose and engineering solutions to the rail market, introduces its own Railtec branded hydrostatic hose.

Flotec’s Rail Division is committed to developing and supplying market leading and innovative products to the rail sector.

As such, the SME manufacturer has introduced its own Railtec branded hydrostatic hose which has been engineered specifically with rail freight and passenger rolling stock in mind.

Five years in the making, the new Railtec hydrostatic hose has undergone a rigorous design, testing, assessor approval, branding and manufacturing process and is now available to UK train fleet operators.

The Railtec MED2-HT hydrostatic hose eliminates the need for spiral wrap which has been proven to prolong high temperature burning.

The hose is EN 45545-2 fire safe compliant and features the following benefits:

  • Withstands heats of up to 150 Degree Celsius compared to the industry standard

  • 100 Degree Celsius making it perfect for high temperature train engine conditions

  • The Railtec hose is tested to 600,000 impulse cycles compared to the industry standard 200,000, making it last three times longer than other hydrostatic hose offerings

When used in conjunction with the MegaCrimp coupling product, Flotec can guarantee a leak free solution between scheduled overhauls.

The Railtec hydrostatic hose comes in six variants for different pressures and working conditions and accompanies a wider range of hoses, clamps, couplings, and hose coverings for a variety of rail applications.

The Flotec Rail Division also supplies variable pitch fan technology and battery charging units to train operators and fleets.

Julian Davies – Managing Director for Flotec Industrial Limited, comments:

“After five years in the making, it is with great pleasure that I announce that Flotec has introduced its very own brand of rail approved hose product to the UK market.

The Railtec hydrostatic hose has been proven to technically outperform all other hose products currently available. I want to give a huge thanks to all involved in helping to get this product to market. I am looking forward to bringing this hydrostatic hose innovation to existing and new rail clients.”

Julian Davies - Managing Director for Flotec Industrial Limited

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