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Flotec Focus. Clean, Safe, Efficient Water.

Easily overlooked are the parts, fittings and components that make up a complete plumbing system for both domestic and commercial water applications.

Picture of a WRAS Approved water safe valve product to be used in a plumbing system.

The consequences of not using fit-for-purpose plumbing products include potential health risks caused by bacterial growth in the water supply through to system failure, leaks and poor function (water pressure and/or flow).

The UK Government Water Supply (and Fittings) Regulations of 1999 exist to ensure that water systems perform robustly and safely.

One way to install a highly efficient and hygienic plumbed system is to specify and choose WRAS approved products.

Who are WRAS?

The Water Regulations Approval Scheme (WRAS) is an ISO 17065 certified organisation which places plumbing/water products through the necessary and rigorous laboratory tests required before being approved for market use.

So, for added peace of mind that you are complying with the water fittings regulations, Flotec advises using WRAS approved products as part of any domestic or commercial plumbing system design and install project.

WRAS Approved Logo

The recently published Flotec Fluid Power Catalogue clearly displays the WRAS Approved badge next to all products intended for plumbing use.

When selecting these items, you can rest assured that they will mitigate the risks of both health issues and non-compliance.

The Flotec Fluid Power Catalogue is available to view online by clicking  here.

The 2024-26 Flotec Fluid Power Catalogue.

Flotec’s technical support team are fully trained to advise on the most appropriate hydraulic, pneumatic and pipeline products to use for any given application at hand.

You can contact Flotec on 01509 230100 or email:

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