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Flotec exhibits at Rail Infrastructure Networking

Loughborough-based Flotec, a trusted and leading supplier of reliable hose and engineering solutions to the rail market, celebrates a successful Rail Infrastructure Networking event.

A man and woman stands in front of some branded banners  at a networking event.

From Left to Right: Barry Michael Aldridge and Maria Smith

On Thursday 21st September 2023, the iconic Derby Arena opened its doors and welcomed visitors to this year’s Rail Infrastructure Networking 2023.

Expertly organised by Jobson James Rail, the event delivered on its promise and brought together a diverse range of suppliers, showcasing an eclectic mix of products and services to the rail industry.

Rail Infrastructure Networking or ‘RIN’, as it is affectionately abbreviated to by many, is a not-for-profit industry networking event, providing organisations the opportunity to showcase their offerings to the rail market, at minimal expense.

With approximately 120 exhibitors in attendance, this year’s event proves to be a promising trajectory for the organisers.

Flotec had a presence at the show, demonstrating its solutions-based service offering to track maintenance and yellow plant machines which, helps to reduce asset downtime, ensuring an efficient maintenance and upgrade to the UK’s rail network.

On-hand to promote the Flotec brand was Barry Michael Aldridge and Maria Smith, both well versed in explaining the company’s product portfolio and unique benefits they deliver.

Speaking of the show, Head of Marketing, Barry Michael Aldridge, said: “RIN provides the organisation a cost-effective way to extend Flotec's brand 'reach' and maintain a visual identity within the rail industry, network with a diverse mix of people and engage with different businesses. It is fantastic to witness first-hand this event grow in attendance.”

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