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Capability and Innovation

Updated: Jul 11

Improving Efficiency and Improving the Customer Experience.

Flotec’s objective for train leasing and operating companies is to:

“Support train companies in solving engine cooling issues, which keeps fleets running to schedule and on time, helping to improve the customer experience.”

Thinking Passenger. Reducing Downtime. Improving Efficiency.

SME Flotec Rail Division has focused its attention on engine cooling and efficiency enhancements, consisting of the following products:

To be innovative is to be different:

When used together, the EPDM Blue Stripe hose and PowerGrip Band Clamps have been proven to be reliable for over 750,000 miles of engine use which is an important figure when considering the need to reduce fleet downtime and enhance train reliability.

International standards for hydraulic hose assemblies state they must pass 200,000 cycles as standard, Flotec’s Railtec hoses are tested to 600,000 impulse cycles making the life of the product three times longer than other hose products on the market.

Fitting a variable pitch fan effectively maintains radiator cooling efficiency by eliminating blocking contaminants and maintaining air flow through the radiator, increasing energy savings and eradicating ‘return to idle’ (RTI) situations. Eliminating RTI is important because this malfunction drastically slows trains down and can even bring them to a halt causing service disruption.

Flotec’s engineering solutions play an integral part in reducing train downtime and improving fleet efficiency. Train reliability and punctuality goes a considerable way towards improving the customer experience.

Flotec’s commitment towards innovation:

  • To continuously investigate and find new ways of doing things for the better

  • To develop, create and invent unique solutions relevant to the task in hand

  • Where appropriate, to apply existing ways of doing things to a new market

  • Where appropriate, to modify existing assets to perform better

  • Where appropriate, to radically transform and disrupt markets for the better

Tried and Tested:

Flotec’s manufactured innovations are tried, tested and in use throughout the UK’s rail network. Train operators currently benefitting from Flotec’s engine cooling solutions include Northern, TfW, and EMR.

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