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Loughborough-based Flotec, a trusted and leading supplier of hydraulic, pneumatic and pipeline products to industry, is committed to attraction, ‘EX’, investment, and retention.

What exactly is ‘EX’? ‘EX’ stands for ‘Employee Experience’ and is a critical success factor for any organisation and is typically founded upon a series of mission statements and shared core values.

Flotec has recently developed the following set of shared core values:

· Innovation

· Belonging, Empowerment, Ownership and Accountability

· Ethics and Trust

· Customer Service

Innovation is a fundamental contributor to organisational growth, development, and success. Flotec’s mantra for innovation is the following:

· To continuously investigate and find new ways of doing things for the better.

· To develop, create and invent unique solutions relevant to the task in hand.

· Where appropriate, to apply existing ways of doing things to a new market.

· Where appropriate, to modify existing assets to perform better.

· Where appropriate, to radically transform and disrupt markets for the better.

Driving an ‘innovation culture’ is of immense importance to the company where, Flotec has recently reached Finalist stage for the Manufacturing and Engineering category through the LeicestershireLive Innovation Awards 2021 as well as collaborate with stakeholder, InnovateUK.

Employee engagement fosters and nurtures an innovative environment where internal people are encouraged to exist as a culture of diversity, inclusivity, creativity, teamwork, and family (belonging).

This solidified belief, attitude and behaviour does indeed, inspire and ignite positive and progressive outcomes.

It is imperative to celebrate difference and acknowledge success.

For a company to truly inspire and engage, it must ‘listen’ and ‘react’ accordingly.

Flotec regularly asks its staff a series of questions to ensure that the team feels empowered, valued, has a sense of belonging and purpose with plenty of opportunities to better themselves.

By creating an exciting, diverse, innovative, and inclusive workplace, companies will attract a high calibre of candidates. As an example, SME Flotec has recently enticed a fully CIM chartered marketer to its talent pool.

Attracting substantial assets is a major corporate success, however, it is prudent to continuously invest in people and retain as much of the workforce and its productivity as possible.

Flotec provides continuous professional development and fully embraces and understands the need to empower its staff with on-going training.

One employee has recently gained a Level 4 qualification through the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply as well as receive international trade training through the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce.

All the above make for the hallmarks of on-going and future success.

Furthermore, Flotec has recently become an Employee-Owned Trust (EOT) which cements its desire to be truly inclusive.

Understandably, if internal stakeholder engagement is achieved; exceptional customer service will be sure to follow.

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