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Loughborough-based Flotec, a leading supplier of reliable hose and engineering solutions to rail, has over the years nurtured a strong relationship with ROSCO Porterbrook.

Flotec’s ethos is to provide bespoke engineering solutions to the rail market where one of its core values focusses on innovation.

Julian Davies – Managing Director for Flotec Industrial Limited, explains:

Over ten years ago, I decided it would be advantageous for the company to penetrate the rail market and after doing some research came to the realisation that Flotec would need to enter rail with a unique service offering and product portfolio.
My approach was to identify the root cause of any given issue and engineer an exacting solution to overcome the problem rather than simply replace like-for-like parts or components.

This philosophy has paid off and the Flotec Rail Division has become widely regarded and respected for providing an exceptional and reliable service provision.

Flotec’s collaboration with Porterbrook has spanned several years where Flotec has supported the organisation with initiatives such as overhauling and upgrading the hydrostatic Interface hose system to the fleet of Class 170 Turbostar trains, Class 158 hydrostatic and coolant hose improvements, and more recently supported the Class 170 ‘low emissions’ trial hose routing installation of the AdBlue system, providing environmental benefits.

Flotec has begun the process of integrating its innovative PowerGrip Band Clamp to Porterbrook’s fleet of leased units.

When used in conjunction with Flotec’s Bluestripe EPDM Coolant Hose, PowerGrip Band Clamps have been proven to be reliable for over 750,000 miles of engine use whilst guaranteeing a leak-free operation between scheduled overhauls.

Never afraid to diversify, Flotec has recently introduced a sophisticated Variable Pitch Fan which eliminates RTI (return to idle) complications for DMU fleets as well as launch a range of trusted train battery charging units.


After demonstrating their capabilities through the extremely successful Turbostar hydrostatic hose optimisation, Porterbrook enlisted Flotec’s engineering services in addressing the hydrostatic system leaks on our Class 158 units.
The system leaks from the present hose and seal interfaces were causing notable reliability issues and a high-quality solution was required. Working very closely with ASR and Porterbrook, Flotec produced an optimisation process and framework in developing and ultimately implementing a successful resolution - these addressed areas such as evaluation of current installation, customer feedback and intelligence on developing solution, vehicle surveys for measurement/routing/security and trial fitting of the specified kit.
All through the process, Flotec worked tirelessly to promptly develop the required solution, encompassing the proven Gates hose and Floring seal technology with the routing with clipping and bracket solutions providing the high-level medium for optimum performance. The level of engineering, product and after sales support was excellent throughout the development, trial and fleet ft installation phases, responding quickly to customer needs and going the extra mile to deliver satisfaction.
Flotec’s service included specifying and cataloguing a comprehensive toolkit for the full installation and supporting the customer in compiling a full installation instruction, whilst providing a full warranty on the kit material for the duration of the Heavy Maintenance interventions where it was installed.
Porterbrook were delighted at the developed Flotec solution in meeting both our and ASR’s pressing requirement and would have no hesitation in recommending them as a high quality and customer focused supplier.

Neil Anderson Fleet Engineer

Porterbrook Leasing

To find out more about Flotec’s latest rail innovations, call the team on +44 (0) 1509 230 100 or email

Alternatively, head to and submit an online enquiry.

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