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15 Years of Service for Flotec Employee

Established in 1995, SME Flotec became an employee-owned trust during the first quarter of 2021.

February 2022 witnesses 15 years of service for Operations Director, Sam Green.

Joining the business in 2007, Sam reflects on the early days and subsequent career progression towards his current role; “I remember talking to a friend who was working for Flotec at the time, and he mentioned that the company may present a really good opportunity for me.

I hadn’t considered working in manufacturing or engineering but was intrigued and fascinated by the idea and so, in 2007 joined Flotec as an apprentice.

When I reflect over the past fifteen years, there really isn’t anything I haven’t done!

Flotec has seen me working in production, delivery driving, picking, packing, sales and purchasing.

Over time, I naturally gravitated towards account management and sales where I now oversee the internal sales and purchasing team as well as company-wide operations.

I believe that Flotec becoming an employee-owned trust is incredibly important as it gives every member of the team a feeling of belonging, ownership and accountability which is vital for the on-going success of the business.”

Julian Davies – Managing Director, concludes; “I want to thank Sam for his hard work, commitment and loyalty over the past fifteen years. It has been wonderful to see him mature, develop, progress, and grow within the company.

I look forward to witnessing his future efforts and endeavours!”

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