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Updated: Sep 24, 2021

The Flotec industrial mission is to be a trusted supplier of hydraulic, pneumatic and pipeline products and services to industries which have a need for this offering.

Flotec Industrial Limited has a story to tell.

A gem of a company nestled deep within the County of Leicestershire UK; Flotec is proving precisely how valuable the SME community is, specifically within the industrial, manufacturing and engineering industries.

Flotec was incorporated in 1995 by its current Managing Director, Julian Davies.

The original business model was to capitalise upon Julian’s engineering prowess; to provide hydraulic, pneumatic and pipeline products, services, and solutions to an eclectic mix of industries within its local UK East Midlands area.

In 2020, Flotec celebrated twenty-five years of successful business activity.

SME Flotec Industrial Limited continues to innovate, adapt, evolve, and expand.

Innovation itself, is a critical success factor in contributing towards the organisations continuing growth and future success.

According to the 2019/2020 UK Manufacturing Review:

“Manufacturing is vital to the region’s overall economy, contributing nearly 17% of its total output, well above the UK national average of 10%.

“Its recent growth is reflected in the employment figures, with 8000 new jobs created in 2019, lifting manufacturing employment to its highest figure for 15 years. The area has a rich heritage in aerospace and automotive, with global brands of Toyota, Bombardier Transportation, Caterpillar and Rolls Royce having a large presence in the area but it is food and drink that remains the dominant sector.

Considering local rail activity, Flotec has in recent years capitalised upon this lucrative market by developing a dedicated Flotec Rail Division.

As we shall discover, Flotec Industrial Limited is more than just rail.


The East Midlands is a thriving, vibrant, exciting, and eclectic hub of industrious manufacturing and productivity.

Indeed, there is a great need to invest within the UK East Midlands region whilst recognising that, SMEs such as Flotec Industrial Limited are a vital lifeline to this regional manufacturing sector.

Some additional East Midlands manufacturing statistics include:

  • £17.2bn total manufacturing output

  • 12.8% manufacturing as a percentage of regional employment

  • 306,000 total people employed in manufacturing


Of course, manufacturing also plays a major role throughout the United Kingdom.

FSB reports that SMEs such as Flotec account for 99.9% of the UK business population whereby, manufacturing plays an intrinsic role.

SMEs account for three-fifths of UK employment and around half of turnover in the UK private sector.

UK turnover is estimated at £2.3 trillion (36%).

Source: FSB

Whilst the UK SME community is vast, the manufacturing sector and multiple industries contained within it, certainly do make for some exciting and impressive numbers.

The Flotec Industrial Limited Strapline:

Because Industry Never Stops.

What does this strapline mean? Quite simply, industry genuinely NEVER stops. This ideology has become even more paramount throughout the recent Global pandemic.

Sectors and industries such as manufacturing and construction have been invaluable throughout the crisis.

Construction has continued to develop infrastructures, built environments and networks to support the UK in its short-medium-and-long term needs. Agriculture continues, due to its necessity.

Supply chains (in all their varieties) have become very poignant, where supply and demand has continued and will continue to be; of indisputable importance.

Often overlooked, Flotec’s product portfolio is a vital component in ensuring that industry itself, does not, and never will, grind to a halt.

Industries that Flotec Industrial Limited serves, include (but, are not limited to):

  • Automotive (such as public and private transport)

  • Aerospace

  • Marine

  • Water Treatment

  • Agriculture

  • Plant and Machinery

  • Construction

  • Waste Management and Recycling

  • Power

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Wider Manufacturing and Production (as far reaching as food and beverage through to print)

It is fair to say that all the above are of the most significance to quality of life (human or otherwise), the economy and the continuous production, movement, and safe delivery of goods, products and services.

From this, we understand that hydraulic, pneumatic and pipeline products help to keep industry moving whilst reducing or eliminating catastrophic downtime.

As a direct result of this, Flotec Industrial Limited strategically selects and prudently chooses a supply chain which can fulfil consumer supply and demand in a reliable, robust, ethical, and transparent manner.

As a UK East Midlands SME, Flotec Industrial Limited plays a critical role in ensuring supply chains remain operational, construction and manufacturing continues to be effective and productive, and that products, goods and services are delivered in a reliable, safe and timely manner.

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