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Loughborough-based Flotec, a leading supplier of reliable hose and engineering solutions to rail, is delighted to announce that it has reached Finalist stage for the LeicestershireLive Innovation Awards 2021.

Organised by Reach PLC Events on behalf of LeicestershireLive, Flotec has secured Finalist position for the manufacturing and engineering category.

The aim of the awards is to celebrate the individuals, teams, businesses, and public sector bodies that are leading the way in research and development and in manufacturing techniques, software, and digital technologies.

Additionally, the awards have been organised to honour the engineers and construction specialists who are shaping our world.

Flotec submitted a proposal focussed upon its variable pitch fan innovation which has undergone extensive testing and is now live on the UK rail network.

DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit) trains can experience substantial issues in warmer months due to contaminates blocking the system resulting in RTI (Return to Idle) engine complications.

This problem can cause significant and disruptive train delays and even cancellations.

Flotec’s VPF is unique and innovative in its multi-directional rotation which is far more efficient in blocking contaminants from entering the system and efficiently maintaining radiator cooling.

This innovation has been proven to enhance train fleet efficiency and reduce disruption to the rail network.

A train fleet modification completed last year by Flotec engineers was the first of its kind in the UK.

Barry Michael Aldridge – Head of Marketing for Flotec Industrial Limited, comments; “It is a great honour and accolade for SME Flotec to be recognised by the LeicestershireLive Innovation Awards and to be put forward as a Finalist.

This is a great testament to the team at Flotec who work tirelessly and endeavour to develop, design and install genuine innovations for the betterment of any given project and client.

Leicestershire is a thriving hub and community of innovation, creativity, and positive radicalisation where a great deal of amazing work is being carried out by individuals, teams, and organisations throughout the region.

We certainly do live in exciting times with rapid technological advances taking place on a continuous basis.

Flotec is thoroughly looking forward to seeing all of the Finalists being announced closer to the ceremony and wish everyone the best of luck.”

The awards ceremony is to be held on Tuesday 14th September.

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