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Busting the Myth of Self-Assembly - How to Save Time and Money with Flotec’s FREE* Gates Crimper!

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

A man operating a Gates crimping machine.
The Gates self-assembly FREE on loan crimper from Flotec

Flotec Industrial Limited has been working with a variety of industries for over 25 years and many of these businesses have experienced the same challenge; frequent hose failure.

The Challenge of Frequent Hose Failure.

Hoses are critical in keeping equipment and machinery operational. Failed hoses can result in lengthy downtime.

Not only is hose failure itself a real issue for companies, but the cost for call out vans to repair them magnifies the problem.

The Solution.

Over 5 years ago, Flotec came up with an innovative idea to bust the myth of complicated self-assembly by offering businesses the chance to loan a FREE crimper, receive training and certification to show people how simple making their own hoses really is.

As one of Flotec's loyal clients, Carl has discovered, you can save on costly mobile van call out charges and reduce equipment downtime with Gates self-assembly machinery. The self-assembly product portfolio covers many needs, ranging from workshops through to on-site field crimping.

Carl works within the agricultural industry and has been using Flotec’s free crimper and Gates self-assembly service for over 5 years now. Carl uses one machine within his workshop area and also, has a crimper on the company mobile van which solves the problem of on-site hose failures.

Carl explained “There have been a lot of times when we need to repair hoses out on the road and with the Gates self-assembly machine we can. If we have a pipe go on a machine that’s in the field or on the side of the road, instead of having to take the pipe off and come back to the yard just to fix it or wait for a call out van, we can do it there and then. Everything we need to sort the problem out straight away is to-hand and we don't need to rely on anyone else.”

Training as Standard.

With the support of a qualified Gates representative, Flotec provides customers with FREE safe hydraulics training and a certification for the operators that will be using the Gates machinery.

Carl was satisfied with the initial training that he and 4 other colleagues received for the Gates self-assembly machine.

An authorised Flotec Gates representative delivering self-assembly training to an agricultural client.
An authorised Flotec Gates representative delivering self-assembly training to an agricultural client.

Easy as 1-2-3.

“Using the machine is very straightforward” said Carl. “It is really simple. It’s like a tick-list, it is so easy to go through.”

Flotec's self-assembly machines are easy to use with fast, comfortable handling and Gates hoses have been proven to last 3 times longer than others on the market. All machinery supplied is custom-designed to work with a range of Gates hoses and couplings and are fully compliant with stringent international standards.

Problem Solved.

To get more insight into the main problems that companies like Carl’s face, we asked him what his main issues previously were when hoses failed. Carl said, “To be honest, when especially talking about Gates, it is very rare that the hoses do actually wear down. Most of the time, it is older hoses that have perished. To be fair if we have ever have had to replace an older hose, it has never been a Gates." Carl went on to explain that before having the two Gates Self-Assembly Machine, time and loss of money were the main pain points when hoses failed on machinery. “We work on an hourly rate, so if something went wrong and we had to wait for help, we lost at least an hour’s work. So, the answer was to go mobile with the Crimper. It saves no end of time and money”.

Proven Cost Savings.

The Flotec self-assembly offer has proven cost savings, giving businesses a return on capital expenditure within months.

The Benefits.

To get this service, all clients are required to do is buy the hose and fittings to be used with the machine. In return customers will benefit from:

Free site survey to provide a relevant stock package to cover machine requirements

• Yearly service and calibration from Flotec site engineers

• Binning and stocking service

• Cutting equipment

• Multiple packages for multi-site use

Finally, Carl was asked if he would recommend the Gates self-assembly service. “Without a doubt, I would definitely recommend this service. Flotec have always looked after us and if we need material it is pretty rare that it isn’t in stock. Gates are good quality and to be honest, I don’t think we would use another pipe now.”

Two images of the Gates Crimper which has been loaned to Carl’s Agricultural Company
Two images of the Gates Crimper which has been loaned to Carl’s Business


If expensive mobile hose van call-out charges and critical downtime is something you’re challenged with, give Flotec a call to discuss your requirements.

01509 230 100 |

Alternatively, you can fill out the online contact form and a member of the Flotec team will be in touch.

*Terms and Conditions Apply.

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