• Barry Michael Aldridge

An important announcement about COVID-19 from Flotec Industrial Limited.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Flotec has been committed to ensuring the maximum safety to its employees, customers, and wider stakeholder groups, whilst remaining open for business.

With a long-awaited roadmap out of Lockdown now in motion, Flotec is taking further measures to ensure the business continues to operate as safely as possible and in compliance with the gradual easing of restrictions.


Where possible, Flotec employees who can work from home will continue to do so until such a time that Government advice confirms returning to the place of work is safe to do so.

Where it is necessary for Flotec personnel to attend the place of work or site visits, the company remains compliant with social distancing measures and conducts its business activities in a COVID-Safe manner.

To ensure maximum safety, Flotec employees will be having regular lateral flow tests which will be particularly important for those who need to attend site visits.

Flotec believes that its working procedures strike the right balance between safety and on-going business operations.

Where more appropriate, Flotec can offer Microsoft Teams remote meetings and the sales team can be contacted by telephone on 01509 230 100.

Email enquiries can be sent to sales@floteconline.com

Furthermore, Flotec offers a large product portfolio which can be purchased online: https://www.floteconline.com

Flotec remains open for business and will continue to operate in the safest way possible.

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